Fix Car Engine Oil Leaking Car Repairs Hamilton Waikato

We get easily panic when we see oil spillage underneath our car. We instantly think of the excessive cost of professional maintenances and that the car will be side-lined for days.

Fortunately, in various cases, you can repair minor to moderate oil leaks at home an engine repair product; easily found at your local automotive retailer. There are a number of superior formulations that has been proven to stop engine oil leakage at the source. If unsure, ask your automotive retailer and they should advise you on what is best for your car.

Our Suggestion?

Instead of going to a mechanic after spotting an oil leak, take the time to look where the oil leak is coming from; get a feel of how bad/severe the leak is. You can easily do this at home, in your driveway or in your garage. Watch where the oil is puddling on the ground and by watching the drips you should be able to locate the oil leak. Usually, oil leaks are around the oil filter/plug or the oil pan gasket.

Tighten any loose bolts, the filter or the plug (usually, it is the oil filters that are the common culprits in these scenarios). Be aware not to over-tighten as they can easily create bigger leak. You should find in your owner’s manual what the torque values for the filters and engine bolts are, this should never be exceeded.

If it still leaks after you made sure that everything is snug and tight, you could consider a chemical repair option to stop a car oil leak. Contact your local mechanic and they should be able to advise you on what is the best product for your car.