Car Servicing Hamilton

The major motor oil brands claim that the accompaniment in oil sustain the engine life and prevent from engine wear. The quality oils costs bit expensive than a normal oil, but are they good to pay extra?

Most of the engines start leaking while drive high in kilometers for which the engine oil companies add some conditions in that to energise the engine seals to prevent the oil leaking.

The head gasket seal and other engine seals becomes breakable with high engine kilometers, to leak the engine oil. The leaking becomes easy noticed when car parks on concrete surface or any hard ground. The engine keep burning the oil when the oil start leaking through the combustion chambers. It’s hard to notice the minor leaking which is normally judge by the smoke come out through the exhaust. The only way to check it, is through the oil dip stick which specify the oil level.

The high-quality oils keep the engine seals stronger to not to allow the oil leakage. The major oil brands add some kind of conditioner which supply the energy to the engines seals. It’s good idea to use the high-performance engine oil which keep the engine seals stronger from day 1 even though the engines start leaking after 100,000 kms, but the oil prevents the leaking.

The oil conditioner loses the engine sludge and helps to flush out the engine sludge during car servicing. It lubricates all the engine parts to prevent the wear. It’s highly recommended by the mechanics to use the thicker oil which push produce the high pressure and more oil pushed to the engine seals.